Doodlage X Brandless

Brandless is a luxury brand creating leather accessories. The collaboration between Doodlage and Brandless saw the first collection of travel accessories made by Doodlage.

The collection was conceptualized to utilize the smallest pieces of fabric left over from our Travel Tales collection, which were patched and quilted to produce panels for the bags and shoes. Brandless combined these panels with leather to create all the accessories for this capsule collection.

Doodlage X Avaran

Aavaran is a brand dedicated to the promotion of traditional handicrafts and natural dyeing techniques, with a focus on empowering low-income craftspeople. We use the fabric that is left over after their own production to create garments which are paneled using the small pieces for

Doodlage X Goonj

Goonj is one of the NGOs that imbibes the same ideals of zero wastage that Doodlage is built upon, and we are proud to be associated with them. We share our excess fabric and smaller scraps from previous collections, as well as older samples and test fits. In turn, they use the fabric to create reusable sanitary napkins and other products which are otherwise expensive and inaccessible to women in rural areas.

Doodlage X Fab India

Fab India is an organization committed to spreading handmade, traditional Indian crafts to consumers all over India and the world. The fabric they work with is precious, carrying value that has been added to it via hand techniques. However, the larger an organization is, the greater the quantity of waste produced. Due to standardization and quality control, fabric that is dyed woven or printed by hand has a greater rate of rejection for variations in shade or minor misprints.

We sourced fabric from multiple dyers and printers working with FabIndia to create a capsule collection of pieces which utilized the waste fabric and also appealed to the sensitivities of the existing FabIndia client

Doodlage X Brahmakarma

Brahmakarma is a textile and accessories brand focussing on block printed Sarees. Often, as block printing is done by hand, there are instances when a block is printed incorrectly, and the misprint is visible from afar, especially in a garment like a saree. As a result, a few sarees from each lot are rejected.

Doodlage works to reuse this precious fabric, working around the imperfections in print to create contemporary silhouettes for the existing Brahmakarma customer.

Nete X Doodlage

Doodlage worked with Nete for a limited edition collection with end-of-th-line fabrics called ‘Geometry Of Flowers’. The collection explores  the confrontation between art deco and summer blooms, light layers, gentle fabrics, easy on the eye hues through a thoroughly modern lens for summer 2017.

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