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Every fast paced garment production unit discards anything between 16-20% of solid fabric from their total consumption (as post cutting and stitching waste, defected and end-of-the-line fabrics). Upto 1.5 – 2% garments are rejected daily in these units for damages. This fabric is often down-cycled – into darri or blanket production or cheap garment production. At doodlage our aim is to create well finished premium clothes out of this refuse.
As we grow our operations, there is an increase in the fabric waste we produce. Taking care of industrial refuse is only a part of our solution, separating our own fabric waste is step two. We shred this waste and create textured panels. These textures are finally converted into our bag and home collections. Our vision is to expand into recycling of this fabric waste.


Our social media campaigns, interviews and various consumer touch points are focussed to build more awareness amongst consumer about the effect of fashion, what questions to ask, how to make repair and repeat cool!

Every month we try to organize garment collection drives and collaborate to create repair center pop-ups as a part of this initiative. Our vision is to work more and more towards building a circular fashion label!


Every craftsmen in the team is encouraged to think  out of the box to come up with solutions to mend the defects on their pieces. They are trained to collect cutting room waste in their fabric bins which is further processed for our bags and home collections.


We are looking at alternatives for packaging everyday, so if you have a solution do get in touch!
Till then we work with left over fabric scraps for creating our bags, recycled paper for covers and recycle fabric to create the paper for our tags. For shipping our products, we use compostable plastic at the moment.


Every once in a while we try and introduce more innovative fabrics to draw consumer attention to these alternatives to conventional cotton (resource intensive material) and polyester (stays on earth for 200 years) based fabrics. Past few collections have included recycled cotton polyester, corn, eucalyptus and banana fibrics. With each collection we intend to introduce other new age fabrics to our audience.



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