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With her pink hair and confidence Kajal Singh already has heads turning but there is so much more to her than that. She’s one of India’s only female graffiti artists. From Delhi to Berlin, read about Kajal’s journey!


Ques. Graffiti isn’t an art form that is widely accepted in India. How did you first get into this street art?

Ans : Graffiti is still in it’s infant stage in India. It’s slowly gaining acceptance as an art form but there’s a long road ahead of us.
I was always intrigued by the hip hop street culture which led me to learn break dancing. I began to learn graffiti and it really fascinated me .
Ques . Is there an inspiration behind your name ” the Dizy one” ?
Ans : Dizy is a slang for “crazy/ mad’ which I most certainly am! I am crazy to not follow the norms and to go beyond it, to push myself to achieve things that people thought were crazy.
I write “dizy with one ‘z’ because it’s easier. Simpler.
Ques.  Tell us more about your journey from Delhi to Berlin and how different are the two cities for artists.
Ans : My journey began with the love for Hip-Hop. I started graffiti along with my brother , learning from Internet and by watching other international artist works. Thats how you learn. Through a connection we had old school graffiti artist from NewYork give us classes via Skype.
Berlin has one of the best and most aggressive graffiti culture. Berlin as a city is full of art and culture. In fact , Graffti can be traced back to the 80s in Berlin while in Delhi there are only a handful of artists.
Ques. From planning to execution walk us through the steps of doing a graffiti.
Ans: There are no planned steps for graffiti, it comes from within. You cannot force it .A very important ingredient of Graffiti is Travelling . The more you travel more you learn and know the scene and other artist and make friends.
Ques. Where do you see the ‘Dizy One’ going in ten years time.
Ans. Surprise! You will see it 😉

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