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A design graduate and the founder of RazzleDazzlePickle, Ritu spends her time bringing together her two passions – Music and fashion. The blog has allowed her to express her thoughts,through pictures and words. She focuses on creating something new and interesting each time.
Our day on the streets of Old Delhi with Ritu was full of interesting conversations and beautiful pictures.

Qs:1 How would you describe your perfect summer day?

Ans:1 – A book in my hand, the sky full of clouds to stare at, pleasant breeze, some asian underground music and nothing but calm around. Also, knowing that the day before and after, was and will be productive.

Qs:2 If you had an option to travel far, far away, where would you go?

Ans:2 Anywhere which would fill this void inside. Or Scotland.

Qs:3 Since you are always on the go, what are your travel essentials?

Ans:3 Sun glasses, earphones, tissue papers, lip balm, hand sanitiser, body spray, water, camera, my notebook and a pencil.

Qs:4 As an artist what elements represent your style?

Ans:4 I like to fuse elements of nature [even symbolically] into my work, predominantly Earth and Air.

Qs:5 Do you believe sustainable fashion is a trend that is here to stay?

Ans:5 Of course. Primarily because it’s the need of the hour. I think we’ve only begun to explore it and there’s a long, successful and transforming journey. I truly do want to see it become something that’s inevitable rather than a mere lifestyle of a small clan.

Qs:6 What small steps do you take to lead a sustainable lifestyle?

Ans:6 I have prominently and evidently reduced shopping (clothes, accessories, any other articles) in the last couple of years. Honestly it amazes me how I, without thinking much, could just cut down on it. I repeat (outfits and accessories), often and proudly. Even for my house, every little thing that I buy is something that I have thought over and I know will stay with me for a long long time. Always conscious and aware about water wastage and waste segregation, I have also almost entirely removed plastic bags from my day to day life. Instead I use the fabric bags/pouches to store and carry things (most of them are years old). When there’s enough time on hand, I usually take cab pools (and sometimes other methods of public transport) when I step out. Now, that’s something I wish I could do more often. And hopefully I will, when I am able to manage my time and work better. And yes, there’s many more practices that I am trying to implement in my life and hoping I am successful with it.

Qs:7 Which is your favourite project so far? Do you have some big plans for the future?

Ans:7 If I had to pick something over the top of my head, it would be two of my personal projects : A recent travel story called ‘Kiki in Kashmir’ and a mood-style story called ‘Left In The Dark’.Yes, of course, don’t we all? I am working on becoming the [almost] perfect person that I dream of being, lose all the negative emotions that we as humans have. Apart from that, I am working on my clothing label which should see the sunlight soon. And yes, big plans to create more meaningful work [images, videos, art] that satisfies me and would also leave an impression in some or the other way. And and, to take my music community ‘Drum and Bass India’ places. And in the process of it all, I intend on making that little difference in the world that we all talk about.

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