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At Doodlage we take special care of developing our own motifs and textures from scratch, using scrap.Much like Doodlage Pia is known for injecting colour and quirk into her designs. We spoke to the illustrator and graphic designer at PigStudio about her art and her take on sustainable fashion.

Qs:1 We know art is subjective but what do you feel your artwork represents?

Ans:1 It represents me I guess – everything i’m not doing for a client is pretty much my stream of consciousness. I only work on projects that I’m interested in, that talk about subjects that I care about + have substance to them, and with people I want to work with, and I learn something from them, and if I’m not being commissioned to work on things that I like, I try and create that sort of content myself – much like it happened with Custom Cuts , or the work I produce for The Health Collective, or even the little doodles I do about life. It’s brought about a lot of awareness, empathy and growth- creatively and personally, as well as giving me a clearer idea of the work I’d like to do in the long run

Qs:2 Do you prefer digital drawing or drawing on paper?

Ans:2 Now days its pretty much digital. I had a brainfart about a year ago while I was cleaning and I noticed how much paper i just had lying around after all my initial sketches and drafts. I still go manual from time to time – depending on the requirement. But at this point i’m trying to streamline my work process as much as possible and not hoard sketchbooks. Trying being the key word here.

Qs:3 Does your fashion sense reflect in your art? How?

Ans:3 It really doesn’t at all. I’m all about the minimalism, I like the idea of having a uniform, and i like having my life as time saving as possible – too much color makes me stress and then I can’t think straight or get anything done so while there’s color in my work (grumble) my wardrobe is monochromatic.

Qs:4 Do you think people are becoming more aware about sustainable fashion?

Ans:4 They are – sort of. It takes a research for people to understand the merits of slow VS fast fashion, and like all long term ‘good’ life decisions – there’s investment involved(which i admit isn’t easy for everyone.
I love the fact that there are a whole generation of new labels coming out that are sustainability centric – and that sustainability follows through from beginning to end.

Qs:5 What are the steps you taken to lead a more eco friendly lifestyle?

Ans:5 It’s a bunch of small things – trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use, switching to energy efficient bulbs, A lot of home remedy type things so my product intake and consequently packaging waste is less,
I haven’t bought new clothes in a while because i’m going through piles of my older stuff and altering it,
I want to start growing more plants…and i need to start composting at some point but i’m concerned that the cat will eat it. At some point I just want to move home (assam) and line on a mountain.

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