1. Tell us a little ab­­out your background and what you do.

I’m an indigo child who was lucky enough to have found a profession that doesn’t require me to be anything but myself. Graduating from NIFT was definitely a bonus. Now, I run a small company called thefilmyowl, where I curate and create good vibes, and yes, it is  as cliché as it sounds .

2. How would you describe your personal style?

I find myself attracted to simpler designs and mellow colors. My goal is always to feel free and comfortable in whatever I decide to wear, and the trick is to never over-dress. Simple and casual attire always sails through just fine.

My clothes are a part of who I am, but they definitely don’t define me.

3. What are the factors that are most important to you as a consumer, and what are your thoughts on ethical and sustainable fashion?

I think sustainable fashion is here to stay, and the faster we adapt to it the better it is for all of us. I really appreciate how Doodlage has made up cycling cool.

We need more brands with such a conscience.

4. In the fast paced lives that we live, we often forget to be mindful of our practices. What are the steps you take to ensure that you’re living a sustainable life, and making thoughtful choices as a consumer?

Honestly, the ethical bug bit me 2 years ago, and it bit me hard. Slowly and stead

ily, it is spreading towards most of my actions on a daily basis. I stay as far as I can from leather, and buy as much as possible from local artists. I’m trying to erase Zara from my Delhi girl brain, one outfit at a time.

5. As a social media influencer, you have the platform to share your views with a wide audience. Do you ever feel the need promote thoughtful life choices in order to set an example?

Self expression is actually a gamble on such a vast platform, because 8 of 10 people think you are imposing your life choices on them, and low key telling them that they are wrong. No one likes that, but little do they know that we are in denial about allot of things we do in our lives.

I’m lucky to have voice that can be heard by more than a handful, and if even just one person gains something out of the ethical lifestyle that I try to live, then my job is done  🙂

6.We heard you were trying to go vegan. Did you ever succeed at giving up eating dahi with your parothe?


Yes , dahi has been officially been said goodbye to.

I don’t want veganism to be a scary word . I don’t want it to keep me from things I love, so I’m taking it slow. I have my entire life to reach the goal, and so I’m taking it easy and being less aggressive in the process of giving up the things that come from harming other beings.

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