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Poem and the Poet Inside

Nimisha, a photo poet from Jaipur, left her home when she was just nineteen years old. After beating the odds to not only survive but thrive in the big cities she went on to inspire everyone around her through art, photography, poetry, Tedx talks and numerous fan meets. Nimisha stopped for a second at the Doodlage studio to answer a few questions.

  • Tell us about your personal style (how you like to dress, tattoos, hairstyles etc.)

I am a paradox. I fail to put myself in any category. If I am wearing a high waist denim shorts today with a crop top, I might wear a sari tomorrow. We look good when we feel good. And I don’t wait for an occasion. I dress how I feel. I have tattoos and piercings and blue hair but at the same time I am spiritual woman who believes in vipassana.

I like wearing block printed bandanas and silver jhumkis but I love wearing formals when I go as a speaker in colleges to take sessions.

Ruby rose is definitely my inspiration.

  • Tell us about the origins of Home for Artists

After going through a fair amount of hardships myself, I didn’t want talented aspiring artists to go through the same and that’s why I founded Home for Artists in Jaipur. Initially, the idea was to provide a space which any artist with hope could call home. Now, not only to live together,  nurture each others creative processes , but also help all the residents become better artists and have a little bit of fun too! But over time, I have realised that the struggle I was trying to eliminate was perhaps the most essential part of their growth. Nevertheless, I am proud and blessed to live among story tellers of all kind who have faced more hardships than me and have won many battles in their life.

  • Instagram or Facebook?

Twitter! I started earning money through it when people in my town weren’t even aware of it or Instagram. Twitter is always one step ahead in bringing trends So yeah, I love twitter! Instagram has been the best instrument in building a community. Traveling across the country I have held more than 50 instameets and in so many cities including Delhi, Mumbai ,Bangalore , Hyderabad , Surat , Ahmedabad , Chandigarh , Pune and many more.

I have always been this person who wanted to meet people in real life instead of having just online conversations and it is always astonishing when hundreds of people show up just to meet and share their experiences and stories.

The memories I create with them are always heart-warming. Initially, digital media platforms were my window to the world as I lived in an environment where going to the next lane was a big deal! I travel quite a lot now, but I am always aware that travelling is as much an internal process as it about exploring newer things.

  • How has the journey been ever since you left home?

Aren’t we all are refugees seeking shelter in each other ?

I have learnt that leaving home is like desiring a bigger wardrobe than your previous one. what are you seeking ? more love ? power ? God ? or nature ?.

In the process of healing others I healed myself. I have travelled like a dervish, not knowing where I will be next day. I have slept in buses and stranger’s houses some nights and then some nights my work made me stay in expensive hotels.

but then how does that matter ? where Is my home ? I left it, didn’t I ?

No.  I carry my home in me. I became my home.

My brother and I have experienced self realization at a young age.  We both knew we ‘ll have to walk on a different path one day.  A path which won’t be easy. But none of us want easy things in life. Although I know that there are no words that can express this inner journey of mine, I believe in words. I am a believer of words.  Travelling made me learn that chaos is a very important aspect of life cause it is a fuel for change and so I cherish all those moments in my heart when I challenged myself to the core to survive another day and still have faith in the universe for taking care of me in times I failed to love , communicate with my parents and following my instinctual self.

5- Do you share the space of sustainability in any way? In what ways do you practice mindful living? (taking out time to write, mental or physiological health)

Well I am that woman who sometimes feels suffocated even with the Ac in car. Need some more time to understand sustainability in practicality Although living as and among the traveller community already taught me how to appreciate small things in life and never take nature for granted.

According to me the best gift that we can ever pass on to our next generation is the ability to communicate with nature and have a conscious mind.

We don’t need to find the hidden meanings in everything and just cherish what the eye sees.

I sometimes go completely offline and disappear for weeks to some place nobody knows.

Introspection and meditation always helps.

6- Thoughts on the Doodlage outfit? (color, style, silhouette etc.)

 I love the entire collection of Doodlage and this outfit that my eyes finally rested on is an amazing creation with my favourite colors riverside blue and sharkskin grey. Apart from that I believe the symmetric cuts made it even more deviant. Undoubtedly ,Ethical fashion is better than fast fashion because not only does it save the earth but at the same time unique pieces make you stand out.

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