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Q 1- How has this ongoing journey from print journalism to being Burlaps’ Resident Firefly been?

Really, really lovely, thank you. Though I think the transition is more from television to Firefly. I decided to take a step back when it came to TV shows because I found I was no longer enjoying the television space and the crazy travel schedule. Instead of “anchoring” I decided to actually drop anchor in Kolkata and have been very happy working with eco-friendly brand The Burlap People.
As for print journalism – I think writing will always be my first and most enduring love, something that comes to me as essentially as breathing. I may not be churning out articles for newspapers but I’m always writing – be it poetry, personal projects or my blogs.




Q 2- Tell us about your personal style, tattoos and your sartorial inspirations

My style, more and more over the years comes down to three questions.

1)     How much will you wear it? (This is usually based on comfort.)

2)     How original is it?

3)     #WhoMadeMyClothes? Basically – how Earth conscious and fair trade is it?

I am inspired by people who wear their personalities on their bodies – be it through their clothes or their body art/ tattoos. I love adornment and expression. I am also in awe of those who know their style and selves so clearly that they have a minimal wardrobe. By that I don’t mean someone who wears black and white of course, but someone who has say 20 staple extraordinary outfits for a year and isn’t afraid to be seen wearing them often, because those clothes represent the essence of them. It’s something I haven’t mastered but wish to – especially because of the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment. In the same line of thinking, I try to buy my clothes in natural (and naturally dyed) fabrics as opposed to synthetic ones, and those that are made by people receiving an honest salary for their creations.


Q 3- What goes into your travel bag? (Books, clothes, blank sheets of paper for poetry? 

A sweatshirt because I get cold easily.

A notebook and pen – of course.

A book to read.

A toothbrush in case I find myself stranded somewhere I’d like to explore more.

A bottle of water – because hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.


Q 4- Travelling to your heart’s desire and taking care of oneself at the same time can be one heck of a task. What are the little steps you take to live a more sustainable lifestyle and make mindful consumption choices?

I think when we travel we tend to lose sight of the things we already have/ own. It’s easy to walk into a shop in London or Madrid and say, “Oh wow I need that!” But the truth is, you have to think of your life and everything you own holistically. It took me a long time to create this attitude, but I would come home from trips around the world with suitcases full of things I found I didn’t need, but had simply wanted in a whimsical moment. We must each make an effort to purchase more consciously. To make the choice to spend the same amount but on fewer things, more conscious things.
As for taking care of myself personally while on the move… despite wanting to eat everything in every new place I visit, I have tried over the years to keep a few staples in place. Yoga, fruit, salad, water, face cream, sleep, laughter and love.


Q 5- How did you upcycle your Doodlage outfit? (Your thoughts on the colour, customised embroidery and the silhouette)

I wanted something free flowing as opposed to form fitted, because it represents more who I am, and because that lets me wear it for a while regardless of how my shape may change over time. I love pale pink, so I wanted some of that visible and the ashes-of-roses shade Doodlage chose is one of my favourites. I love how whimsical the “Oh Ezra!” sounds, and though I can see how some people may find putting my own name on an outfit ego-driven, it isn’t meant like that at all! I simply wanted to make it truly mine and it’s turned out exactly like that. Best of all are the balloons and tiny animals all over – magical.

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